Hyderabad traffic challan status payment

How to check the Hyderabad traffic challan status

Hyderabad the big city which contains around 6 million of the population and many famous places. The Hyderabad city launched the system of the e-Challan system. It is completely non-contact scheme to restrain the defilements and levy sterner of the road traffic in the self-restraint between the travelers. It is easy for the traffic police to handle any abuse activities made in the roadside or during the ride. The Hyderabad police will produce the traffic challans through the picture proof. There are two types of traffic challans.

The first form is made by the investigation cameras, which automatically take the defilement pictures. These scheme of traffic e-Challan Hyderabad pictures obtain through a printed on the place of traffic e Challan himself. The second one is fully through the digital cameras. The police will take the pictures of the defilements on the road or on the spot. This plan of traffic e-Challan snapshots is kept safe for record purposes. The Hyderabad city police at the current time have the record kept for further purposes of any abuse evidence of every vehicle. One can find the traffic e-Challan status of their automobile through online. The defilements activities such as ( No parking, stop line, rash drive, wrong U-turn, wrong number plate, wrong way driving) and so on.

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Procedure to check the traffic challan status online:-

The majority of the people in the Hyderabad region, searching for how to check the Hyderabad traffic challan status through online the method to pay for it.

Step 1:-

  • Enter the official siteechallan.org/publicview/.
  • Now fill the details of the page as license number or registration number.
  • Then type the image text code and submit.
  • It shows the status of the e-Challan.

Information for e-Challan receipt:-

  • E-Challan number- it is a unique code for the traffic e-Challan provided to you.
  • Traffic offense- the traffic defilement committed by the automobile.
  • Owner name of the vehicle- owner name of the vehicle as every RTA database.
  • Location of violation, date and time- the place of defilements, location, and timestamp.
  • Photo ID of disobedience- the photographic proof for the defilement.
  • Traffic line cost + user charges- the valid user charges to pay the fine amount for the violation.
  • Traffic PS limits- the traffic police whose under the control the traffic defilement happened and the challan was claimed.

htp.gov.in traffic challan Payment method:-

  • Now you see the entire details of your traffic Challan status, such as (image, spot, date and time).
  • There are three methods for Hyderabad traffic challan payment.
  • The availabilities are Net Banking, AP online and eSeva.
  • Click the mode of payment for your violation through Net Banking.
  • Enter the email ID.
  • Then click on the payment.
  • Now you get the reference number, you have to note it.

The user charges for any violation aren’t individually charged by the traffic police. It is under the motor vehicle act for the type of defilements by the owner on the spot.