bSF payslip

 Simple Procedure to View or Download Your BSF Payslip

Are you a BSF employee or pensioner? Do you need to know the methods to download or view your BSF payslip?It is now easy through online to check the BSF payslip. You are in the right place to know the procedures of BSF payslip. Several employees who aware so know the news that they now easy to see along with downloading their BSF payslip through online. It’s very helpful for the pensioner and they don’t need to wait for this and stand long in the queue. Therefore, the pensioners and the present employees need to know the one by one procedure to download the BSF payslip via online.

Methods to download or view your BSF payslip:-

Method 1:-

  • You can easily download and view the BSF payslip through the online site.
  • Enter the official site
  • After the display of the site, click the sign in button on your right side of the web page.
  • The page redirected to a new page to sign in.
  • After the completion of detail is the successful sign in.
  • The BSF site needs your specific details to log in.
  • The need of login details to enter your IRLA number and the password is your date of birth.
  • Do not make mistakes in your login details, check it is correct before click login button.
  • The format for your password is DD/MM/YYYY.
  • Once you login completed successfully, your page will redirect to the BSF payslip.

The number of payslips is three; these threes are different. You will access to the web page. You just log in to the above-mentioned official site. If you need to view the payslip of BSF, you can easily access the web page. The website provides the ability to check the monthly BSF payslips. If you need to view the payslip for the present or any month, you need to see. You can select your need of month accordingly. You need an internet connection for the further purpose to check your needs. Use these methods to check your status of BSF payslip through online.

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Method 2:-

  • You now see and download the BSF payslip.
  • Enter the above-mentioned site directly.
  • Click the login on the BSF site.
  • Then click sign in button on your right corner.
  • Now enter your details of username and password.
  • IRLA is your username and the default password is your date of birth.

Method 3:-

  • Go to the page directly for the payslip
  • Just enter your username and password in the default format.

Benefits of online BSF payslip:-

  1. You can see or download or print the BSF salary payslip to the current month.
  2. You can access entire payslips to the present year at all time.
  3. And download the salary slip of BSF and GPF.
  4. The salary slip of CPF and BSF also available on the official site.
  5. When you are filing the income tax, you can avail these payslips and expenditures for the income tax revenues. You can file the income tax earnings through online or agent also.