Voter ID Status /Registration / Download Application form

. How to Check the Voter ID Status /Registration / Download Application

India under the parliamentary democracy and the country conducts the elections at every 5 years. The age of 18 years, the Indian citizen to apply for the Voter ID because it’s one identification of the Indian citizen. Every citizen must vote on the election booth for the right politician to rule the Nation. Every year the citizen should register for the ID and upload in the list.

How to register Voter ID online:-

In earlier days, the registration process for the Voter ID is irritable one because of enough facilities to store the data. But now, it’s all easy through online to register, download and view the status of the Voter ID in a few minutes. There are four forms such as form 6, form 7, form 8 and form 8A. The Form-6 is for new registration, form-7 application for any objection of name, form-8 application for any corrections of entry and form-8A for any change of address details.

  • The official site divides the process for every state.
  • Enter the official site
  • The website offers to their citizen to check voter ID status /registration / download application.
  • When you enter the link, the homepage displays entire thing.
  • You can create the account through filling the information of email and mobile number.
  • Form-6 is for the new registration and its too lengthy to fill the detail.
  • The needed information in a Form-6 is (name, age, gender, DOB, permanent address, etc) and to upload your password size photo.
  • Then you complete filling press submit button.
  • And, the application number will display.
  • By the use of application number, you can check the status of the ID card.

How to check the status of Voter ID:-

  • Enter the official site to register first.
  • Then click the online status check.
  • Enter the following details in the box.
  • The necessary details are (name, date of birth, sex, father’s name or a husband’s name, state name, and district constituency).
  • After complete successfully of these details.
  • Now you check the status of your Voter ID.

If you done any mistake in the filling details in the application form to check your status of the ID card. It is hard to get the status of the Voter ID. Because sometimes, the site may crash and some errors will display and you recheck it again.

How to download the application for Voter ID:-

There are six types of forms are available to download.

  • Form 6- in both English and Tamil to add the name on the electoral roll.
  • Form 7- in both English and Tamil, the application for any objection to name added in the electoral roll.
  • Form 8- in both English and Tamil, the application for any specific corrections on the electoral roll.
  • Form 001c- the application for duplicate or replacement of EPIC.
  • You can easily download just click which application you need.
  • No need to wait for more time in searching on other sites and the site gives entire details of the Indian citizen eligible to vote for the right person.
  • You above mentioned procedures that fulfill your needs and queries.